Like Dad, Like Daughter: Kim Kardashian Is Studying To Become A Lawyer


The State Bar of California allows people to bypass law school if they study under a lawyer or judge, a system that is commonly referred to as apprenticeship but is not widely used.

Even Kardashian's mother and manager, Kris Jenner, was caught by surprise by her daughter's decision to commit to four years to becoming a lawyer. According to California laws and the California Bar Association, her method is acceptable as long as she takes and passes the First-Year Law Student's Exam and is studying at the law firm 18 hours every week for a minimum of 48 weeks, equal to a year of law school. For example, when Kim is asked about parenting advice, she replies, "I would just say you have to wing it, my sisters and I are on a group chat always getting parenting advice", prompting Kanye to crack, "But they don't get advice from me, can I get on that chat please?"

She's not going to law school, however, she has a master plan to get it all done in three years.

"To me, torts is the most confusing, contracts the most boring, and criminal law I can do in my sleep".

Working to get the bill passed proved eye-opening for Kardashian, who saw first hand the impact a team of law professionals can make. "Super easy for me", she revealed.

"The reading is what really gets me", she laughs. I only had two pairs left!

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The beauty mogul revealed her legal aspirations in her latest Vogue cover story.

Kardashian has been apprenticing at a San Francisco law firm since a year ago and hopes to pass her exams by 2022. It turns out that California, along with Virginia, Vermont and Washington state, doesn't require a degree from those who wish to pass the bar exam.

As for Kim, she said she's not anxious about people who might react to her news with negativity, and says she's ready to show people what she can do and the even bigger difference she can make.

Kardashian West is credited for the release of former inmate Alice Marie Johnson in June of past year and even paid a visit to President Trump to talk about prison reform. "I guess she's setting up for the next phase of her career while she takes her selfies and dresses down to nothing", she continued.

On the other side, some people think this: "This is why we don't take her seriously". She'll then have three more years before she can be a qualified lawyer. "My dad had a library, and when you pushed on this wall there was this whole hidden closet room, with all of his O.J. evidence books. That was really a turning point for me".