Wilson-Raybould to submit written evidence on SNC-Lavalin to Justice Committee


The filibuster, which continued until nearly 1 a.m. Friday, was meant to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's refusal to offer a blanket waiver of privilege and confidentiality that Wilson-Raybould has claimed is necessary if she is to fully tell her side of the story.

She added that all material provided in her written submission would stay within the confines of the solicitor-client privilege waiver issued by the prime minister before she appeared.

But Philpott actually appears to already be free to talk about that January 6 conversation with Trudeau: The government has waived solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidentiality for last fall, when Wilson-Raybould alleges she was improperly pressured, until January 14, when she was moved to the Veterans Affairs portfolio.

Trudeau was asked about Philpott's comments during an infrastructure announcement in Mississauga.

The former attorney general has written to the House of Commons justice committee to advise that she intends to make a written submission.

"This is something that we have taken very seriously as a government and will continue to take seriously, but there has been a full airing at the justice committee of the matters involving the former attorney general and minister of justice and the SNC-Lavalin file", he said during an event in Thunder Bay, Ont. where he was promoting skills training measures in this week's budget.

As a Canadian citizen it is a good thing she was never attorney general, as she would have given into Trudeau and SNC would have gotten their DPA, and probably we would never have heard a thing about it.

The sad fact for Trudeau is that Canadians believe Wilson-Raybould over him, and would likely believe Philpott when she says there is more to be learned.

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This information all comes after another former cabinet member, Jane Philpott said in an interview that there was "much more to the story that needs to be told".

Maybe that is why they are so desperate to stop Wilson-Raybould from speaking again and perhaps why she has said there is more to tell.

"That should happen right away".

"I find it really hard to watch as two strong female colleagues continue to be shut down", she said. McKay said Liberal MPs are awakening to the reality that each new layer to the controversy increases the risk of "political consequences".

"It's one thing to take a hit from the opposition or circumstances beyond caucus or cabinet".

"They have parliamentary privilege and it's up to them to do so and it's a decision that they must take", Joly said.

Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen said Wilson-Raybould's letter proves she has much more to divulge.

In an interview with Maclean's magazine that landed like a bombshell Thursday on Parliament Hill, the ex-minister says she had concerns before the controversy became public in January, but that she has been prevented from discussing them, alleging efforts by the Prime Minister's Office to "shut down the story".