Persona 5: The Royal Trailer Reveals New Character


ATLUS then further teased a new female character in a new trailer and that the next major announcement will be on April 24, 2019.

Sadly, there's no indication that whatever Persona 5 The Royal is will be heading to Nintendo Switch, as the trailer opens only with a PlayStation 4 logo before changing into the usual Persona 5 branding. This is the same day as the Persona Live Concert that is being held. She replies saying that while helping people is a wonderful thing, She doesn't like the Phantom Thieves as she believes their methods won't make the world a better place nor help anyone.

Not much else is known about Persona 5: The Royal, but what has been revealed heavily implies it will be a new version of the original Persona 5 with new content and characters. "In the end, I think those are things you must fix yourself". Theories are floating that perhaps you will join the opposite side? Whether she will be playable or relegated to a role as confident remains to be seen, but the trailer indicates she has an important role to play in this new storyline. Could this be the female version of the main character we've all been waiting for?

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In GameSpot's Persona 5 review, Lucy James awarded it a 9/10.

If you're unfamiliar with Persona 5, it was launched in Japan on September 15, 2016, but western fans had to wait until April 4, 2017, to be able to finally play the game in English.

The Royal is still pinned as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, by the way, and we guess that we'll just have to wait until next month to finally get the full story.