Steam is Redesigning Game Libraries, Adding New "Steam Events" Feature


Some of the key features for the re-designed library are listed below.

Valve has already been working with developers on the event system privately, but the upcoming open beta will offer a better - and much more public - chance to see how the system works.

Each game's library page has also been reworked to "prioritize" updates, and show current livestreams for the game at the top.

Valve is sprucing Steam up a bit for users by redesigning the library, and adding an events page.

You can click on a game in your library and see DLC you haven't bought, along with more information related to updates, activities, and recent events, all using an interface that's pleasing to the eye.

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An Events page was also part of the redesigned look, PC Gamer reported. You can look for just your open world titles, as an example.

The other big change coming to Steam in the near future is a robust event system designed, said Kroll, to improve Steam's functionality in this era of "live service games". This feature essentially works as a communication platform for game developers and their customers. Players will also be able to set reminders about the events that can reach them by way of email, text message, phone notification, Google Calendar, or other options.

I could see this being especially useful for smaller multiplayer games that wow people out of the gate with a clever idea, but quickly get lost in Steam's endless churn of clockwork-engineered consumerism and lose large chunks of their player bases. This makes the ability to jump back into recently played games easier, and more intuitive.

Valve did not announce a release date for the Steam library update, however, Valve told PC Gamer that it was hoping for a beta in the summer.

A closed beta is now underway with a handful of select developers, with Kroll saying that Steam Events will be made available to all devs later this year.