Super Worm Spring Moon Ushers In First Day Of Spring


With a prediction of clear skies, record-breaking temperatures and a super full moon that's synced with the debut of spring, it could be a stellar week for sky-gazing evenings in the Puget Sound region. In February, the largest and brightest supermoon graced the night sky. "For this moon, getting to perigee just happens to be at this point during a full moon".

"This is the closest coincidence of a full moon with the March equinox since March 2000 - 19 years ago", wrote

The upcoming supermoon will coincide with the spring equinox, which marks the official beginning of spring.

The fact that this full moon is also a supermoon makes it even more unusual.

Although a supermoon does not appear bigger than an average moon to the human eye - except when it looms near the horizon - it does tend to appear brighter. Also used to describe it: Crow Moon and Lenten Moon.

The moon rises over the Parthenon on the ancient Acropolis Hill in Athens Greece on Feb. 19 2019. Tuesday’s full moon or supermoon appears brighter and bigger than other full moons because it is close to its perigee which is the closest point in
'Super Worm Moon' rises on first day of Spring

For those who are exhausted by all the recents supermoons, the "super worm moon" will be the last supermoon of the year.

As if that's not enough, the start of spring and the supermoon will come as an asteroid passes about 200,000 miles from Earth.

From the United Kingdom, the moon should reach 100% illumination at 1.43am on Thursday. It should stay dry through the evening, with rain possible later at night.

Supermoons occur when the moon is full or almost full and it's at its closest point in its orbit around earth, also known as its perigee, said Quinn Sykes, manager of Boston University's Judson B. Coit Observatory.

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