Samsung’s Galaxy Fold shows up in a hands-on video from Vietnam


It also shows the Galaxy Fold in action, with both the external display and internal display presented in the video.

A video has appeared online, found by Sammobile, that shows an unfiltered look at the Galaxy Fold.

They're trying to eliminate a crease that appears on the panel after it's been folded about 10,000 times, and Samsung is considering offering free screen replacements after releasing the product, one of the people said.

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Rather boilerplate, as can be expected for phones that have been designed without an LED notification light, but we keep our hopes hooked to the "at this stage" part. It apparently originates from Vietnam, which is one of the key R&D and production locations of Samsung. It seems safe to say that the person handling the phone is promoting their unlocking services.

What you'll notice, other than the background audio of what sounds like a daytime soap opera, is a visible fold crease running down the middle of the device when it's in tablet mode. The company has already launched 9 devices in just a span of three months in the Indian market. Samsung even used a protective case to prevent media from shooting detailed hands-on preview and first impressions of the Galaxy Fold.

If continued use is likely to create a dent in the screen, this will significantly damage a user's overall experience. The good news, however, is that Samsung confirmed to BGR at the time that the period of exclusivity will only last a few weeks, after which the phone will be made available through additional United States wireless carriers. Moreover, the smartphone features a 5.7-inch infinity U-display and rocks a USB-C port. Stay tuned in here for more news and updates about the Samsung Galaxy Fold.