Xbox Live Will Expand to Android and iOS Devices


Fitting with the company's overall push to make its apps and services work across a variety of platforms, including rival offerings, Microsoft Game Stack will work for developers building games for any type of device, as well as other cloud platforms. While the conference isn't until next week, Microsoft has revealed their big news a week early.

Microsoft is launching a new cross-platform SDK for mobile devices that'll allow game developers to tap into Xbox Live's functionality. That means you'll eventually see things like Xbox Live achievements, Gamerscore, clubs, and more on updated and new Android and iOS games. Today, that plan got confirmed with Xbox Live support being announced for iOS and Android.

Microsoft is making this move as a part of its overall Game Stack initiative with which it is bringing all its various game development tools into a single platform.

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What we do know now is that this Xbox Live SDK will bring trusted game identity security controls and will allow developers to pick and choose which Xbox Live features they want to include in their games. None of these services is new on their own, but bringing them together under Game Stack is created to make it easier for developers to find and use Microsoft's tools.

It's worth noting that a few games on mobiles already use Xbox Live for multiplayer - like Minecraft. Fortnite is one of the largest titles to have cross-play built-in, with PS4 and Xbox One gamers able to mix it up with iOS, Android, Mac and PC gamers.

When you consider how poorly the Xbox One has fared this generation, it only makes sense for Microsoft to embed its services into as many platforms and games as possible in order to justify its presence in the gaming space. "Really uniting all those communities together with a consistent singular experience for those gamers". "But we don't have any specific announcements as it relates to Switch today".