Google Foldable Phone Patent Surfaces Online; See Details


The patent applications also show a double foldable phone it seems which would allow for a screen on the outside of the phone when it is folded down - we can not image the amount of engineering required to have two hinges on a foldable smartphone.

San Francisco: Google has recently filed a patent which suggests that the search-engine giant could be interested in a "Z-fold" display technology that could bend in two different places without breaking.

The first design shows a phone that would fold down on itself when not in use, a "clamshell" design, with the screen is on the inside when the device is closed. Another sketch shows the device folded in a "Z" shape. Given the current attention on folding phones in the Android world, and Google's hardware focus on smartphones, a foldable phone seems most likely to be in Google's plans.

The patent, published in December, describes the device like so: "a$3 foldable display of a computing device includes a back stiffening layer, a transparent frontplate layer, a transparent cover window layer, and an OLED display layer disposed between the back stiffening layer and the transparent frontplate layer". And it looks like Google could be next to join the list.

What do we expect to see in the iPhone 11?

Google’s foldable patent hints at a compact clamshell phone
Is Google building a foldable Pixel phone?

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold. The most interesting part is that Google doesn't manufacturer displays. The device will have a single inward fold, according to the patent images.

Google added support for foldable displays into Android in November.

It should come as no surprise that Google is diving deep into gaming.

In other words, if a Google folding phone is in the works, Google probably won't be in a hurry to reach the market with it, or use it to pioneer a unique Z-folding design.

The certain specifications of this new super smartphone of the Chinese company are certainly the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and at least 8 GB of RAM.

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