House votes 420-0 to make Mueller's report public


One of Robert Mueller's "killers" is leaving the team now that Paul Manafort has been sentenced, sending a strong signal the special counsel probe may be nearing an end. Only four Congressmen, all Republicans, voted "present": Reps.

On Thursday afternoon, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY attempted to bring the Mueller report resolution to the Senate floor by asking for unanimous consent and calling for the Senate to pass the measure. But both McConnell and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, South Carolina Sen. But the House vote shows that lawmakers from both parties are eager to have a look at Mueller's findings after nearly two years of speculation about what it might reveal.

There have been numerous reports that Mueller's investigation is winding down.

Weissmann, who worked as an Federal Bureau of Investigation general counsel under Mueller, most recently led the Justice Department's fraud section.

The resolution cites "an overwhelming public interest" in releasing the report "to ensure public confidence in both the process and the result of the investigation". It also calls for the entire report to be given to Congress.

Trump has labeled Mueller's investigation a "witch hunt", maintaining that no collusion occurred between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russian Federation.

The measure seeks to ramp up pressure before the conclusion of the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Trump associates and Russian Federation. That report must explain why the special counsel chose to either pursue or decline prosecutions.

I'm tempted to write "Since when do congressional Republicans defy Trump?" but today would be the wrong day to make that point. "I don't know what Bob Mueller is writing", Barr said at the hearing.

"If necessary, our committee will subpoena the report". After all, if Mueller does point a finger at Trump, House Republicans will suddenly be looking for ways to distance themselves from him. In making an argument for transparency, Republican leaders have pointed to Barr's comments and the existing regulations, without explicitly pressing for the underlying evidence. He defended Barr, saying he "understands the questions, the turmoil this has caused". "Then the meltdown will occur".

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But the effort did not move forward after Republican Sen.

"I want the American people to know as much as they can and see as much as they can", said Hurd, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer. He added that "full transparency is the only way to prevent future innuendo".

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley, however, called the resolution "ridiculous".

Gidley said he hadn't spoken with Trump about whether the report should be made public.

Six committee chairs in the Democratic-controlled House introduced the resolution Friday, calling for "the public release of any report Mueller provides to the attorney general, except to the extent the public disclosure of any portion thereof is expressly prohibited by law".

Now that it's on the other side of Capitol Hill, Senator Lindsey Graham has a change to the resolution.

Schumer objected to those additions, and the bill did not get a vote.

That answer has not satisfied Democrats, however, who have continued to press for assurances that the report will be released publicly.

"We let Mueller look at all things Trump, related to collusion and otherwise", Graham said.