Australian Man’s Life Saved When Cell Phone Stops Flying Arrow — Miracle Mobile


The incident began when the attacker, carrying a bow and arrow, confronted the man outside his house, police said.

According to the NSW Police Force, the victim pulled into his driveway on the morning of March 13, 2019, only to notice a man standing outside his property armed with a bow and arrow when he got out of his vehicle.

Here's the story from the New South Wales police, complete with lots of "allegedlys".

The archer allegedly raised and drew the weapon as the resident took out his mobile phone to take a picture.

Now here's where things get weirder.

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A 43-year-old Australian man's mobile phone was the only thing that stood between him and a pointy arrow during an attack in Australia Wednesday morning, according to police.

Police posted images to social media yesterday showing the arrow pierced the smartphone, which was left with a cracked screen. The phone hit him in the chin which gave him a small laceration "that didn't require medical treatment", police said.

The armed man, 39, was arrested at the scene and was charged with assault and property damage offenses.

The suspect was granted conditional bail and is expected to appear in court on April 15.