Son's heartbreaking post about dad's new donut shop goes viral


It all started last Sunday, March 10, when Billy By, a concerned son, tweeted a photo of his dad, Satharith By, who looked lonely when no customer showed up in their newly opened donut shop in Missouri City, Texas. With all of the arguing going on in the Twitterverse, every so often we get a lovely outcome to a tweet that went viral for the purest of reasons.

By also shared the address of his dad's shop along with its operating hours and Instagram handle in case anyone wanted to stop by.

Later that day, By posted a new photo of him and his father grinning from behind the counter, with very few pastries in the display case.

Twitter users expressed their sympathy for the doughnut shop and for By's father.

Billy By helped spread the word about his dad's donut shop - and now they're consistently selling out donuts.

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After the successful day, By changed his own Twitter profile to "Billy's Donuts". The restaurant holds a five-star Yelp rating, with customers praising the donuts, the kolaches, and the warmth of the owners.

Responses were immediate, and the post was retweeted about 306,000 times. "You are all incredible", By tweeted, along with a photo of his no-longer-sad father.

"I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting local businesses", Billy wrote in another Twitter post. "This means so much to my family", he tweeted.

Twitter even sent over a team of people from its company to buy out the shop for other customers.