Pelosi: Impeachment ‘Not Worth it’


Pelosi is setting a high bar for impeachment of Trump, saying he is "just not worth it" even as some on her left flank clamor to start proceedings.

Trump's proposal would require congressional approval in order to pass, traditionally a rare occurrence for presidential budgets.

Then, of course, there was Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who famously screeched to her supporters that we're "going to impeach the motherf*****". I don't think he is, she said. Trump has called the investigation a "witch-hunt" and denied any collusion.

But they are only rumours, and have been proven wrong before.

"I would like to see this president and the style of politics that he represents sent off through the electoral process, decisively defeated at the ballot box", South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg said Sunday night at a CNN presidential town hall.

Green said, "I don't like the way he puts that into policy, bigotry into policy".

But if norm-building is the point of an impeachment of Donald Trump, then Democrats would need to build that case. But her opposition is more meaningful now that there's a new Democratic House majority fired up to unseat the president.

But Dr Smith says he believes Ms Peolsi's comments are more than just a political play.

Some progressives are still pursuing impeachment - but wouldn't criticize Pelosi. "It backfired on them badly", Dr Smith said. But this achievement, done with no Republican votes, came at a high cost; her party was turned out of power later that year. If the House votes to impeach (by a simple majority), a trial follows before the Senate, presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court. As she says unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, they can't get two thirds of the Republican vote.

After articles of impeachment are filed, the House has two days to decide what to do next.

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It shouldn't be forgotten that Mr Trump remains enormously popular with a significant chunk of American voters, despite his historically low approval ratings.

Sherman, despite personally believing Trump should be impeached, actually agrees more with Pelosi than Green about voting on the matter. Factories and farms across the midwest are shuttering, and while unemployment numbers get touted by his mouthpieces on cable news, digging deeper into stats tells a sadder story across the heartland.

If a second Trump term is so risky - something Pelosi literally believes the country might not be able to withstand - isn't allowing him to stay in office another two years similarly perilous?

With enough public sentiment to successfully execute impeachment, Trump would nearly certainly be run out of office like a cheap grifter in November of 2020.

"History has shown that when a contest is all about Trump, Trump wins", he said.

In the 2006 election, Democrats won back the House on their promise to bring US troops home from Iraq.

"I know that this is hard for them to run against in 2020".

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee issued document requests to more than 80 people affiliated with Trump's businesses, campaign and administration.

Leaders within the Democratic Party, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of NY and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California, have suggested that the evidence against Trump is so obvious and strong that impeachment proceedings will just be a formality. Even if, as she may suspect, impeachment would be politically disadvantageous for Democrats, allowing Trump's clearly aberrant and destructive behavior to become normalized could threaten the future integrity of the presidency and of the country.