Google Hypes Its "Vision for the Future of Gaming" With GDC Teaser


The suggestion could be that Google's new gaming platform would be a place for all of them.

While there was no clarification of her role at Google, Raymond's is a highly reputable name within the game industry, regarded for her talent at building development teams.

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Google has teased before that it has plans for the gaming market and will be making a grand unveiling at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019. Is it VR? Is it Chrome-based gaming via the cloud? So far, leaks and rumours have indicated that the company will launch its game streaming service - something it has been trialling as Project Stream - as well as its "Yeti" gaming console. Sony's offered its PlayStation Now game streaming service since 2014, and chipmaker Nvidia offers one called GeForce Now. It prompts gamers to "discover a new way to play".

Google will have a presence at GDC, and that is something we've known for the past month. We'll be sure to update you once we have more information. Also, expect the company to talk about game partnerships with companies like Ubisoft, which it partnered with during its public trial.