Fortnite Just Made a Big Change to Battle Royale Matchmaking


In other words, Switch and mobile Fortnite players now have their own server ecosystem because - presumably due to their player populations or their in-game performance - it's more efficient to put them together rather than lump Switch in with PS4 and Xbox One.

Combined Xbox One and PS4 pools. This gives players on the powerful hardware an advantage because not only are the controls much more responsive, but the added frames increase precision.

For creative mode players, there are new Exotic Islands and themes available to play around with.

Combined Mobile and Switch pools.

There was some confusion earlier about whether this meant that Switch owners would be able to play with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners.

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"We expect an on-average better per-game experience for both mobile and Switch players", the notes stated.

Epic claims this decision is to completely reach "optimization potential allowing us to run more playlists during more hours of the day while supporting more data center locations".

Though the move has a positive spin on it, it still doesn't take away from the Switch slight.

The dev then goes on to say that an undo button will be heading to the game in a future update so that players will no longer have to deal with accidental purchases.

Also it's worth noting that Fortnite is a big reason why Sony flipped their stance on cross-platform play, which makes the move to separate the consoles this feature applies to all the more unusual. Epic has stated they "neither want to add friction for players nor do we want to benefit from accidental purchases or players regretting a purchase", hence the new system.