James Corden Pranks David Beckham With Ugly Fake Statue


James Corden got David Beckham good with a hilarious prank that debuted on last night's (March 11) episode of The Late Late Show!

The Los Angeles Galaxy will be honoring David Beckham with a statue placed outside of the stadium, as the artwork is months in the making.

Actors were employed to pose as fans and deliberately annoy Beckham - one asked him about his "Man City" days - while the fake statue played to the 43-year-old's apparent concerns from earlier in the design process over an oversized chin and big backside.

We've seen that with Cristiano Ronaldo's mangled bronze head, and thanks to James Corden and a very unwitting David Beckham, we now have this glorious scenario in which a truly bung-headed statue is birthed unto the world purely for the sake of comedy.

Honestly though, the fake one is probably worth far more now than the real one ever will be.

The proportions aren't quite right
The proportions aren't quite right

As the time for the ceremony nears, Beckham must give the final thumbs up for the statue to be considered good to go.

His former teammate and Galaxy President Chris Klein then introduced a highlight reel the club were preparing to show at the official unveiling - which was strewn with clips of Beckham's misses, fouls and on-pitch mishaps. "I mean, look at my chin".

"It doesn't really look nothing like me though, look at my eyes".

The football icon was lost for words when he first saw his unflattering statue's face, telling people around him that he looks like "Stretch Armstrong". Look at my bum.

"I really don't see how this can go out.There's no way that can out in front of the stadium". That's when Corden appeared and laughter ensued as the prank was revealed.

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