Alabama's Hannah Brown is ABC's next 'Bachelorette


Colton Underwood may have gotten the girl at the end of his wild and unpredictable season of "The Bachelor", but he didn't get the traditional engagement ring or ceremony. In her heart, she felt it was going to be her at the end, and she was ready to be with him-even ready to move wherever he wanted her to move.

Will one of Colton Underwood's exes be handing out the roses as the next "Bachelorette?".

Initially, Hannah got off to a rocky start on the show after stumbling through a toast during her first date with Colton and continuing a feud with her rival, pageant queen Caelynn Miller-Keyes. For those who missed that drama; Cassie told Colton that she was anxious she wouldn't be fully in love with him and ready for an engagement in the short amount of time that was left on the show. But she's very impressed when she hears about the big fence he jumped over, and agrees to go to Spain to meet his family. Twitter immediately began blowing up with people commenting about how Luke is basically Nick Viall's twin, and the resemblance between them really is uncanny! Whoo boy... always a great sign when you burst into tears before meeting your boyfriend's parents, right?

"That was awesome", she told Harrison. She keeps emphasizing how "hard" all of this is, and Colton's mom pulls him aside to admit she's scared he's headed for another round of heartbreak.

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The Miss USA Alabama 2018 was clearly well-liked by the other women, including her fellow Bama native Hannah G., and the way she handled her week 7 breakup with Colton reflected the poise it will take to sift through 30 men on a full season as the lead. "I think that can happen on a television show or at a coffee shop and it's going to happen for me someday", she added when asked how she would feel about becoming the Bachelorette.

His conversation with Tayshia is emotional, but ultimately she tells him, "It's okay", and "You're a good guy". (Whatever that means.) He pulls out a fantasy suite card - a week late, buddy! - and they giggle their way into the suite before kicking out the production crew and losing their mics.

Cassie: "Colton wants a life and a family, and I'm not ready for that". Chris brings them out live, and Cassie announces they're "super in love" - but they're not engaged yet. They say they're "super in love" and are enjoy dating right now. Cassie is completely flabbergasted by what Colton is telling her, and it takes her a minute to form a response. In it, Cassie shows Colton a video where she reads from her journal and confesses her gushy feelings for him.