Facebook temporarily pulled Warren ads about breaking it up


In a curious sequence of events Monday that has gained the attention of some folks online, Facebook temporarily pulled some ads placed by Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Facebook declined to say how Warren's political ads had been targeted - whether it was human reviewers or the company's artificial intelligence tools.

"Three companies have vast power over our economy and our democracy", the ads said.

The affected ads, which included a video, directed users to a petition on Warren's campaign website urging them "to support our plan to break up these big tech companies". "It's for people who are tech entrepreneurs it's for people who have small businesses and want to grow big businesses, it's for people who have medium-sized businesses and want to grow them", Warren added that she does not want large tech firms to use their information and power to stile smaller, rising, firms.

- Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) March 11, 2019 You shouldn't have to contact Facebook's publicists in order for them to decide to "allow robust debate" about Facebook.

Weak antitrust enforcement has led to a dramatic reduction in competition and innovation in the tech sector. "Now they are among the most valuable and well-known companies in the world". "I've got a plan to protect consumers and competition". And some of these companies have grown so powerful that they can bully cities and states into showering them with massive taxpayer handouts in exchange for doing business, and can act - in the words of Mark Zuckerberg - "more like a government than a traditional company".

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Facebook quickly backed off its removal of several ads from Sen. After the report broke, however, Facebook announced it is reversing the decision.

Facebook's policies limit the extent to which advertisers can reference Facebook or Instagram in the text or imagery.

Facebook said it removed the adverts because they misused its corporate logo. The spokesperson explained that the social network has now restored them "in the interest of allowing robust debate". To follow up on that, she was asked as to how Apple would keep the iPhone secure if the App Store is not run by Apple.

The policy in question says that Facebook ads can not use the company's corporate logo in posts.

Facebook has been banning ads that include the Facebook logo or the word "Facebook" for nearly a decade Gizmodo explains.