Leaked trailer reveals off Battlefield V's explosive battle royale mode


Twitch streamer shroud caught wind of the leaked trailer for Battlefield V Firestorm, but wasn't completely sold by what he was seeing. There are also no class specific benefits as they are in Battlefield 5, this is probably due to game balance.

In addition to these gameplay details, the video itself also features a look at the map and environments that players will most likely explore in Firestorm, giving a good indication that the battle royale mode popularized by games like Fortnite and PUBG will very much feature a Battlefield-style spin on the game mode. "As we move forward, Multiplayer remains our core focus".

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Unlike fellow EA battle royale game Apex Legends, which can only be played in three-person teams, Battlefield 5's Firestorm is a bit more classical. As the data dump suggested, Firestorm supports solos, duos, and four-player squads. The trailer also reveals that players will get more gear and loot items in the urban areas but at the same time it will be more unsafe too. One of the more unique aspects in Firestorm is the ability to fire your sidearm when you're knocked out. There's even a tutorial video showcasing Firestorm's basic structure of parachuting in, scavenging for loot, and surviving to be the last player standing. We've known that Firestorm won't just have plain survival, like other battle royale modes, and will have these objectives to be completed around the map, but we've had no information on what these objectives could be, or what you actually get for them. The UI is similar to that in other battle royale games, such as Fear the Wolves, with an inventory screen off to the side, obstructing little of the screen. Is there a minigame involved? We just don't know.

The video reveals a number of vehicles coming to Firestorm, and they're quite wide ranging, including personal vehicles for one person, squad vehicles, flying vehicles, water vehicles, and heavy vehicles.