Mass production of Apple AR-product by Q2 2020


In typical analyst fashion however, Kuo does hedge his statement by saying that it the unannounced headset will go into production by the second quarter of 2020 at the latest, giving the whole thing a more fuzzy, certainly larger timescale than we may have previously hoped for from the statement. It's worth noting that the details of Kuo's report line up perfectly with a Bloomberg story from over a year ago which claimed that Apple would have the technology for an AR headset ready by 2019, with the intention of launching the device in 2020.

"We think, due to technology limitations, that Apple will integrate its head-worn AR device and iPhone", wrote Kuo. They'd be used primarily as a display while off-loading computing, networking, and Global Positioning System location to a users iPhone.

The start of 2020 might well be the most exciting in years from an Apple fan's perspective.

If it is true that here we will have a quite severe problem since this kind of tasks will involve a large amount of battery in the iPhone and we already know that Apple's phones do not enjoy a very good autonomy.

Apple to Release an AR Headset Next Year
Apple’s AR Glasses for 2020 Will Reportedly Function as an iPhone Accessory, Not a Standalone Device

A patent application published last month suggests that Apple is at least considering how smartphones and headsets can work together to run AR apps because it includes an illustration of a person wearing a headset while manipulating a smartphone.

Kuo didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

A separate patent filed in 2017 described the creation of an AR headset. Each lens will reportedly have an 8K display- which puts the best TVs today to shame. On Apple's part, it believes the product will be a big hit.

The next Apple smartphone will also likely bend the knee to augmented reality in ways not yet seen in the iPhone. For the time being, the distinction between all these reality-enhancing and reality-replacing experiences is not extremely clear, although the consensus among companies like Apple and Facebook seems to be that AR has a much brighter future than VR technology. With this type of progress, Apple would be launching a device revolutionized and innovated, something we asked the company after the latest releases.

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