Google's most sophisticated Assistant feature is finally coming to the iPhone


The Assistant Calls page has been updated to reflect the wider availability of the feature, and also mentions that the feature is available on devices running something called iOS (your guess is as good as ours on that one).

To book a reservation, users must tell the Google Assistant where they would like to eat, when they want the table booked for, and how many people will be joining. According to Google, the feature is already being made available to more people across the United States, with Google Pixel users now able to use it in 43 states. What Duplex lets you do is to make reservations without actually talking to the restaurant you've chosen. You can see the full list of supported states by clicking the following link.

Google Duplex is an incredible system that lets an artificial intelligence place phone calls and makes reservations at restaurants.

Google first showed off Duplex at the company's developers conference, Google I/O, in 2018.

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Although the big selling point with this feature is the ability for the user to book a table without having to call the restaurant themselves ahead of time, that's not the only reason Duplex technology is used to call businesses.

Ask about the weather for "today", for instance, and once Google Assistant has answered you can say something like "what about tomorrow?" straight away, with Continued Conversation ensuring the Assistant understands the context.

The States where Duplex will not roll out are Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and Texas. Assistant will then send you a phone notification, email and calendar invite with the details. This is regardless of whether the automated system makes the call or uses an online booking partner to make the reservation.