First all-women spacewalk will take place during Women's History Month


McClain will also join Nick Hague for a March 22 outing.

Stephanie Schierholz, NASA's spokeswoman, told CNN in an emailed statement Wednesday that the spacewalk now scheduled on 29th of March will be the first without men. "And, of course, assignments and schedules could always change". "In addition to the two female spacewalkers, the Lead Flight Director is Mary Lawrence, and Jackie Kagey (also a woman), is the lead EVA (spacewalk) flight controller".

According to NASA, any time spent outside a vehicle while in space, including fixing equipment and conducting experiments, is considered a spacewalk. McClain and Koch will be supported on the ground by Kristen Facciol, Canadian Space Agency flight controller for NASA.

While McClain has been on the space station for several weeks now on the current mission, Expedition 58, Koch will arrive at the space station on 14 March (Pi day!) on the next, Expedition 59.

The spacewalk could last anywhere between five to eight hours, wow!

The two female astronauts will not be doing the spacewalk only to enjoy the view, they also have an important mission. This will be the first-ever spacewalk with all-female spacewalkers.

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"It definitely resonates with women around the agency that we're at this point", Stephanie Schierholz, a NASA public affairs officer, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

In 1983, Sally Ride became the first American woman to go to space during her historic flight on the space shuttle Challenger.

Koch and McClain both graduated from the 2013 class at NASA which consisted of half women and half men.

But it's ridiculous to think that, in the almost 60-year history of sending humans to space, no two women have ever embarked on a spacewalk together-even coincidentally. It will, however, be a historic moment for women in science and especially in space.

The expedition is taking place 35 years after Soviet astronaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to participate in a spacewalk on July 25th, 1984.

The team is headed by Astronauts Christina Koch and Anne McClain as they make the journey to replace batteries installed a year ago.