Cyclone Oma Threatens Queensland Residents As It Nears Australian Coasts


Gold Coast Lifeguards are preparing for a risky week on the Gold Coast, as Cyclone Oma starts thrashing the coastline.

GFS still picks the tropical low directly affecting New Zealand while ECMWF shows Oma doing a complete U turn and reversing back into the tropics this weekend.

Starting off in the south of the country, a frontal feature along with a warm and moist air mass pushes onto the lower South Island and brings rain with heavy falls reaching warning amounts from Monday through to Wednesday.

He said the surf conditions should ease after next weekend, although he noted there was still some uncertainty around how the cyclone might impact the state.

About 3,000 homes north of New Caledonia's main island Grand Terre lost power in the last 24 hours after Tropical Cyclone Oma hit the French territory in the South Pacific.

As tropical cyclone Oma moves towards the coast, there were concerns it could whip up some big waves that could damage our shoreline. Oma will likely peak tonight before starting to very slowly weaken from Wednesday onwards. "It's going to be a taste of autumn or a taste of early winter in some parts of New Zealand".

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Brisbane residents can expect to enjoy a mostly sunny day, with highs of 31 degrees forecast for the city.

"The soils right now around New Zealand are kind of like concrete, so when that heavy rain falls on the soil it will just run off and that can actually lead to flooding issues", he said.

"By then we'll start to see more average temperatures".

Lachlan Stoney, a forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology, said Fraser Island would bear the brunt of the impact, with the swell caused by the cyclone expected to cause erosion along the eastern side of the island.

- This is the rain map covering the southerly change later this week, this does not include rain generate by Oma or the next new low.

A surfer taking on a large wave at Point Perry in the Sunshine Coast as swell from Cyclone Oma begins to arrive.