A Breaking Bad movie is on the way to Netflix


Speaking on The Dan Patrick Show, Bryan Cranston (who starred as chemistry teacher turned drugs kingpin Walter White in Breaking Bad) confirmed the Breaking Bad movie is being made.

Aaron Paul is set to return as Jesse Pinkman in a feature length movie set after the dramatic ending of Breaking Bad. Now THR confirms that the film is a sequel following Jesse and that the film will air first on Netflix before running on AMC, the network that originally carried Breaking Bad. A 2014 analysis pegged Breaking Bad as the most binge-watched show of all time, and in 2016, Netflix named the series among those binged the most quickly after analyzing over 100 TV series across its service in more than 190 countries.

The report also claims that the script is being shot as a feature-length movie, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Netflix and AMC have yet to comment on the report. Gilligan credited the streamer for its contribution to the show's success in his 2013 Emmy acceptance speech, saying that he thinks Netflix helped keep the show on the air. "Not only are we standing up here [with the Emmy], I don't think our show would have even lasted beyond season two", he said.

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The Breaking Badiverse (look at us, just making up words cause we feel like it here at ScreenCrush) already has one prequel: The ongoing AMC series Better Call Saul starring Bob Odenkirk in the years before his character transformed into the character he became on Breaking Bad. Gilligan will both write and direct the film, and he'll be joined by producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein.

This is the second spin off of the hit show following the success of Better Call Saul, which now has four seasons. The movie will be a sequel to the events of Breaking Bad, which means it's unlikely we'd see Walter White again, but perhaps some other familiar faces could pop up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Bad star Paul is reprising his Emmy-winning role as Pinkman.

Production is set to finish this month in New Mexico.