Man claims lottery jackpot wearing 'Scream' mask to hide identity


A Jamaican man who won $100 million in the lottery had a most unusual way of accepting his prize money: by putting on the mask of the infamous "Ghostface" murder from the Scream movies and TV series to accept his Super Lotto check!

Lottery winners in the Caribbean country often wear disguises while collecting their prizes due to high levels of crime in the country, and fears that they will be hounded for money by family and friends.

"It took him 54 days to come forward and we started to get nervous, but we forgive him".

Campbell, was pictured receiving his enormous cheque and shaking hands with lottery bigwigs while wearing the iconic mask from the Scream film franchise.

Campbell said his life has been "a struggle" but hopes that will change with the winnings. "I don't beg, I don't borrow", he told the Jamaican Star. "I love to have money".

According to Distractify, the man, who identified himself as A. Campbell, chose to collect the prize incognito so he wouldn't have to share the money with cash-hungry relatives.

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Pictures of the masked victor have gone viral.

"Sure enough they wrote me the one dollar cheque and had me hold it up and took the picture", Heep said. "My head hurt me for three days because I was thinking so much".

"(Wondering) if what I've been longing for (had) really come true.

Campbell said his winning numbers - 10, 14, 16, 25, 27 and super ball 5 - came to him in a dream.

Although he is still in disbelief, Campbell shared he already has plans on what to do with his winnings.

A year ago a Jamaican woman pulled a similar stunt and wore an emoji mask to disguise herself.