Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally


A supporter of Donald Trump reportedly attacked a BBC cameraman at one of the president's rallies on Monday evening.

The BBC's Washington correspondent Gary O'Donoghue described Monday's incident as "an incredibly violent attack" in an interview with his employer.

The BBC reports the unidentified Trump supporter twice nearly knocked Skeans and his camera over as he "shoved and swore" at other members of the press and yelled "f**k the media" before security escorted him away. Fortunately our cameraman is fine, he is made of stern stuff, ' O'Donoghue told the Today programme.

Footage of the incident shows a man pulled away and escorted out of the arena by security after roughly shoving cameraman Ron Skean, while screaming "Fuck the media".

He is being restrained by a man in a black t-shirt - also wearing a red hat - as he shouts "f*** the media, f*** the media".

"This is a constant feature of these rallies - a goading of the crowds against the media", O'Donoghue added.

"I have been spat at before, they hurl abuse at American colleagues in particular".

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Mr Trump was in El Paso, speaking to a crowd of around 7,000, to make a case for building a wall along the border with Mexico.

According to The Guardian, Ron Skeans, who was covering the Trump rally for BBC, was met by a man who had somehow gotten onto the media platform.

The BBC reported that President Trump checked the cameraman and media were well with a thumbs up, and continued his speech after Mr Skeans returned the gesture.

The American president has a strained relationship with the media, and has often branded reporting as "fake news" and stated that journalists are "the true enemy of the people".

The sound of booing resounds throughout the El Paso County Coliseum as the attacker is drawn away.

Last August UN experts warned Mr Trump's attacks "increase the risk of journalists being targeted with violence", calling his rhetoric "strategic".