Kevin Durant lashes at media amid Knicks rumors


Following Golden State's 141-102 blowout win over the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, the 30-year-old forward broke his silence and revealed that he's fed up with the way the media has treated him as it pertains to rumors about his future. Durant sounded angry and frustrated Wednesday about recent stories speculating that a decision about his future had already been made and that he would be headed to the Knicks after the season.

"I don't know who traded Porzingis". Y'all come here everyday asking me about free agency, ask my teammates, my coaches, rile up the fans about it.

"If the shoe was on the other foot, everything that you would do as a team or as a player would be geared to knocking off the champion, whoever they are". That's all I'm saying. Just walk in here, survey and then write something like that, and then now y'all piling on me because I don't want to talk about that. "Come on man. Grow up".

He implored the media to "grow up", and specifically directed his comment at someone in attendance and reiterated "yeah you, grow up". We want to see that KD every day.

"Now when I don't want to talk to you all, it's a problem with me?" I play the right way, or I try to play the right way. I try to be the best player I can be every possession.

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"What's the problem? What am I doing to you all?"

Despite an inconsistent start, as Curry suffered through injury and the team was plagued with off-court issues with Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, they are now sat top of the Western Conference.

If you're going to go after a player, then don't be surprised when he decides to clap back at you. Perhaps the fallout from this tantrum will be overshadowed by Thursday's National Basketball Association trade deadline, but Durant certainly didn't do much to nip this in the bud by acting the way he did. "I just ain't feel like it". LeBron James is always one of them as the Lakers' star shows every season what separates him from the rest of the league.

What Durant is really talking about is the way the league is reported. Yes, Kevin Durant is a big part of that. The media will be the media, and Durant must understand that's less likely to change.

"Why do I gotta talk to you?" He reportedly called Durant a "b--" and said, "We don't need you". "Tell me. Is that gonna help me do my job better? Nah".