Apex Legends ping tool was tested by making everyone silent strangers


Apex Legends seems to be going from strength to strength; after managing to reach a million players in its first eight hours, the free-to-play battle royale shooter has now hit 10 million players in three days flat.

The Firestorm release date isn't expected at least until March, but that still not a whole lot of separation between it and Apex Legends. Problem is, sometimes you can't get into a game. While the game is a traditional battle royale affair, of course, it's a somewhat different spin on the formula, as it kind of crosses Fortnite with Overwatch. That number was confirmed by Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella via Twitter.

While there's a bit Titanfall still in spinoff Apex Legends - especially in its special powers - what makes the game work is its focus on working as a team. One thing on the minds of EA is the inclusion of cross-play for the Battle Royale game.

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On Wednesday publisher Electronic Arts it is looking to the releases of "Apex Legends" as well as BioWare's "Anthem" to help following a hard financial quarter. EA was so happy about the game's performance that the 2.5 million players in the first 24 hours of availability number was touted in the company's Q3 earnings call. It would be insane if it wasn't in the works as we speak. But is Apex Legends the same? However, it's unclear what that will look like or how it fits into what will probably be another busy release schedule of games this year.

If you're the only player in the lobby, though, there's no actual way for you to ready up aside from beginning matchmaking. Doing this should see a tick appear next to your username above your chosen Legend, replacing your Player Level. Let us know in the comments.