Drug Bust: Police Warn Mexican Cartels Targeting Australia


The consignment has an estimated street value in Australia of $1.29 billion.

"If this shipment had made Australian streets it equates to something like 17 million hits of ice".

On Thursday, police in Australia arrested six people in the states of Victoria and New South Wales allegedly involved with the US-based crime syndicate believed behind the record-breaking shipment.

Authorities in Canada also conducted searches in Burnaby, British Columbia, as they attempted to crack down on the global crime syndicate believed behind the smuggling.

Police claim they've stopped a "tsunami" of ice from hitting our streets after U.S. authorities seized 1.7 tonnes of the drug in a shipment destined for Australia.

Police said a raid in the Melbourne suburb of Woodstock in which they were arrested also found "hundreds of thousands of dollars of proceeds of crime".

Video provided by the AFP shows plastic-wrapped bricks of the crystal drug being unpacked from electronic equipment and loaded into boxes.

"By stopping this, we have ensured criminals will not profit from the huge pain these drugs would have caused our community", said Bruce Hill, a spokesman for the Australian Federal Police organized crime unit.

Two of the individuals arrested in connection with the crime are confirmed to be Americans, and are now facing charges of attempting to import illegal drugs.

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Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Bruce Hill said: 'They have been sending smaller amounts over the years.

Hill said that the quantity of drugs that were intercepted proved that Australia is being targeted by Mexican drug cartels.

"Let me be clear - the Australian public who are consuming ice and other illicit drugs are assisting organised crime to flourish".

"We've got money, and we're willing to pay more for our drugs than anywhere else in the world".

The previous record haul of meth seized in Australia was 1.3 tons in December 2017.

'By stopping this, we have ensured criminals will not profit from the enormous pain these drugs would have caused our community.

"We have averted a tsunami of ice coming into Australia".

Three of the people arrested will face Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday.