Mobile vows not to raise prices if Sprint merger approved


In a letter to the FCC, T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere asked the government to move forward "expeditiously" in reviewing the merger of the No. 3 and No. 4 wireless carriers, and attempted to allay fears the deal would mean higher prices.

Legere scoffs at this, saying he wouldn't want to lose goodwill accumulated from being the "Un-carrier" all these years, stating, "New T-Mobile will make available the same or better rate plans as those offered by T-Mobile or Sprint as of today's date for three years following the merger".

CEO John Leger says if the FCC approves its $26 billion merger with Sprint, T-Mobile will put price increases on hold.

T-Mobile has officially said that, when its merger with Spring merger is done, its customers will get to pay less and get more. The hearing is set for February 13, and both Legere and Sprint Chairman Marcelo Claure have agreed to testify.

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"New T-Mobile's commitment to bridging the digital divide is further illustrated by its pledge to continue supporting Sprint's signature corporate philanthropy - the 1Million Project", T-Mobile said in its filing with the Public Service Commission of NY.

Whether Sprint and T-Mobile, together, could act as a stronger bulwark against AT&T and Verizon than they could separately is a key point of debate.

"By 2024, the New T-Mobile network will have approximately double the total capacity and triple the total 5G capacity of T-Mobile and Sprint combined, with 5G speeds four to six times what they could achieve on their own", T-Mobile wrote in the filing.

While prices would effectively stay the same, there could be changes in rates based on taxes, fees, or third-party surcharges which T-Mobile said in a separate letter to the FCC was "not within the control of New T-Mobile". "Today's news makes clear that T-Mobile knows that its merger is in trouble". Sprint's (s) stock price, up 16% over the past year, was unchanged.