29 Apps Just Got Pulled From Google's Play Store — MALWARE ALERT


The two new apps are Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier, and both of them are now available for the Android smartphone users. The result of this is the Live Transcribe that turns real-time speech into real-time captions via phones microphone making it easier for deaf people to communicate easily. Further, it will gradually roll out in a limited beta to users around the world through the Play Store.

"[Sound Amplifier] works by increasing quiet sounds, while not over-boosting loud sounds". Sound Amplifier will likewise come pre-installed on Pixel 3's. "We're passionate about and driven by creating smartphone experiences made for everyone regardless of their conditions". Last year, the team introduced Lookout, an app that helps people with visual impairments by providing auditory cues to help them understand their environment.

Three of the apps, Pro Camera Beauty, Cartoon Art Photo and Emoji Camera, have been downloaded over a million times each with Artistic Effect Filter boasting over 500,000 downloads.

Live Transcribe also requires an active internet connection to work, because it uses the cloud-based version of Google's voice recognition AI, which is more sophisticated than the version that can run on the phone itself.

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Hearing loss is a worldwide problem that affects over 466 million people, which is more than 5 percent of the world's population, according to the World Health Organisation.

The app is available in over 70 languages and dialects. The simple act of hearing sound is the issue, and a legion of hearing-impaired Android users have long struggled to make the platform work for them. You can also censor profanity and display a hold button that can pause the live transcription.

One of the researchers who worked on and helped test Live Transcribe was Dimitri Kanevsky, a Google employee who has almost 300 US patents, invented the world's first Internet transcription services for deaf users, and also created the first voice recognition system in Russian. If you want a white background, tap within the app to reveal a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, select the gear button in the lower left, and tap the toggle next to "Dark theme". It also gives users the ability to adjust the amount of background noise that is audible. "We're not just adding accessibility onto an existing product, but we're building, in these two cases, for accessibility first".