E-Cigs May Help Cigarette Smokers Kick Tobacco


An editorial accompanying the study and co-written by Borrelli recommended e-cigarettes only after smokers have tried and failed to quit with FDA-approved products. Randomized trials are usually used to test drugs meant to treat specific conditions.

While some research (including by Levy) has cast doubt on the idea that teen vaping will cause more teen smoking, agencies like the Food and Drug Administration are pushing policies that will restrict flavored e-cigarettes from being widely available in stores or online.

The recent enormous popularity of Juul e-cigarettes among teenagers probably has made vaping's influence even stronger among low-risk teens, Stokes added.

Those who used nicotine replacement therapies of their choice (including patches, gum, lozenges, sprays, inhalators, or a combination of products).

Now a study led by Prof.

Lead researcher Professor Peter Hajek from Queen Mary University of London said: "This is the first trial to test the efficacy of modern e-cigarettes in helping smokers quit". And even though the study participants who attempted to quit by vaping were given the choice of just one product, the results were impressive.

The American Heart Association backed e-cigarettes in 2014 as a last resort to help smokers quit after trying counseling and approved products.

The NHS-funded study identified "vaping" as six times more effective than trying to kick the habit alone.

This study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found a stronger e-cigarette effect than previous trials.

Of those who had ever tried a cigarette, the researchers found that cigarette use by the 2015-2016 interval was higher among prior e-cigarette users (20.5 percent) and prior tobacco product users (21.1) compared to those who had not used tobacco before (3.8).

The trial divided 886 smokers into two groups. The subjects in the vaping group initially received a bottle of tobacco-flavored e-liquid and were told to choose whatever flavor they wanted after they finished it.

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What's more, 80% of those in the study's e-cig group were still using e-cigs at the one-year mark.

However, there are still general questions about the contents of vape liquid.

'Evidence of effectiveness must be balanced against the short-term and long-term safety of e-cigarettes.

The vaping group had less intense cigarette cravings.

They also reported less irritability, restlessness and poor concentration in the first week after giving up smoking, said the researchers. And among participants who had issues with coughing and phlegm before the trial began, significantly fewer in the vaping group had those symptoms after a year.

But kids not much interested in cigarettes were 8.5 times more likely to try smoking after they experimented with vaping, the investigators found. Nicotine is a separate issue - if it's an issue at all.

At the same time, there have been conflicting studies on whether e-cigarettes actually help smokers kick the habit. "They were asked to set a 'quit day, ' and advised to use their e-cigarette regularly throughout the day, and whenever they felt they needed it", Przulj added.

A second survey in 2015-2016 assessed how numerous kids had tried either vaping or smoking in the interim. There is no reason to believe that many won't.

The headline here is good: more vapers were able to quit completely than NRT users.

Richard Miech from the University of MI, who was not involved in the study, told Reuters, "This is great news for cigarette smokers who want to quit".

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