More Infant Ibuprofen Sold at CVS, Walmart


A recall on CVS and Equate-brand infant Ibuprofen was expanded Wednesday.

A recall of liquid infant ibuprofen sold at Walmart, CVS and Family Dollar over concerns of potentially unsafe higher-concentration medicine has been expanded to include additional batches. The recalled product was packaged in 0.5 ounces and 1-ounce bottles and labeled "Infants' Ibuprofen Concentrated Oral Suspension".

The company, Tris Pharma says that the medicine is sold at Walmart, CVS Pharmacy and Family Dollar Stores nationwide.

CVS Health: Infants' Ibuprofen Concentrated Oral Suspension, USP, 50 mg per 1.25 mL, in 1.0 oz. bottle with an expiration date of February 2019 and a lot number 00717006A.

At CVS, the medicine is sold under the CVS Health label.

The recall was due to concerns that the medication had potentially higher concentrations of ibuprofen than stated on the label.

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They may also have a higher risk of developing permanent kidney damage.

"Adverse effects that may be experienced are nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, or more rarely, diarrhea", according to Tris Pharma's December press release. In both cases, Tris Pharma said it hadn't received any reports of related health problems.

The drops are sold under CVS' house brand and the Equate brand, which is sold at Walmart.

At Family Dollar, it's sold under the "Family Wellness" label with the NCD 55319-250-23 and lot number 00717024A.

People with questions regarding this recall may contact Tris Customer Service by 732-940-0358 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM ET- 5:00 PM PT) or via email at