Eating fried chicken= 13% higher risk of death


"We didn't have any reason why the effects may differ by age, or even by gender", Dr. Wei Bao, a University of Iowa epidemiologist who co-authored the study, told Time.

The scientists involved found the increased risk of death that came with consuming fried chicken, fried food, and the like came from everything but cancer; type 2 diabetes and heart disease were some of the primary causes of early death.

The United States researchers investigated the association of fried foods and deaths from any causes, specifically cancer or heart-related deaths, the MedicalXpress reported.

A new study done on postmenopausal women in the United States found women who enjoyed fried chicken at least once a day had a 13% higher risk of death from any cause.

Upon completion of the study, Bao's team found that eating fried chicken led to a 12 percent increase in heart-related deaths. Unfortunately, we know very little about long-term health effect of fried food consumption.

Several cohort studies in USA populations have found that higher consumption of fried foods was associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, they write, but a study in a Mediterranean population found no association between fried food consumption and coronary heart disease.

"Reducing the consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish, may have clinically meaningful impact across the public health spectrum", the researchers said.

Foods such as fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish were associated with a higher risk of heart-related death, particularly among younger women in the study (aged 50-65 years old). That's compared with women who did not eat any fried food.

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Those eating the most fried foods also tended to eat fewer vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and more sugary drinks, nuts, salt and red and processed meat. "A notable thing is when we fry at home, we do not reuse the oil many times".

The good news is the research did not find any evidence linking fried food with a higher risk of cancer.

Fish can be helpful for cardiovascular diseases, so he expected a lower association between fried fish and mortality than the one seen in the study.

"And if you eat a lot of fried food then it often follows that your wider diet and lifestyle could be healthier".

As an observational study, the results can not necessarily be applied to everyone, but Bao told Time that the team didn't have any reason the effects may differ by age or gender.

The authors note that for approximately one third (25 to 36 per cent) of North American adults, eating fast food - typically fried - is an everyday occurrence. They were also more likely to smoke, exercise less, and have a worse diet in general.

Fried fish eaters aren't spared apparently because they have a 7% higher risk of dying as well. Furthermore, the study is purely observational which only considers U.S. women, so researchers noted the findings might not be applied more widely. But correlation is not causation, and other factors may have played a role.

Researchers used questionnaires over a 24-year period to assess the women's total and specific consumption of different fried foods.