What's Next in the Kyler Murray Saga?


PASSAN: But the rigors of quarterbacking in 2019 and the fact that coaches want you to be in the film room all of the time and learning playbooks, it's just not realistic to think that Kyler Murray could be a quarterback in the National Football League and a center fielder in baseball.

Winning the Heisman, Murray threw for 4,361 passing yards, 1,001 rushing yards, and 43 touchdowns last season. He just completed a season as quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners.

The 2018 Heisman Trophy victor took to twitter today to announce that he has chosen the gridiron over the diamond. Is Murray entering the NFL Draft a good thing for the Broncos moving forward and how realistic are the odds of the Broncos snagging a guy like Murray?

He won the Heisman Trophy, awarded to the best college football player in America. And Murray certainly has the potential to be one of the faces of the NFL. The NFL draft wouldn't have been an option had he not declared by Monday's early-entry deadline-if he chooses baseball, he can simply inform NFL teams that, while they can draft him and hold his rights for a year, he won't be playing football in 2019.

GREENE:.Harder for him or - easier or harder. Listed at 5-foot-10 and 195 pounds, Murray would be a small quarterback in the National Football League by any standard. When it's all said and done, what impact did you make and where did you make it?

Then, Murray did less than an hour later vis his Twitter account.

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He is scheduled to report to spring training in Arizona with the Athletics on Feb.15.

The record books are loaded with dual threat prospects, who were forced to make choices between baseball and football, ranging from such players as John Elway. That date can be seen as one of the first indicators of which way he's leaning.

"And so the immediate money in football is more guaranteed at this position".

Mayfield, his old Oklahoma teammate, signed a rookie deal that included $32.7 million guaranteed, a huge sum that is significantly more than the $4.66-million signing bonus Murray got from the A's.

The Elway comparison is a natural one because of the baseball option, but Elway was unanimously viewed as the best quarterback of the "83 draft class-Murray the National Football League prospect is not such a sure thing".

It will be an interesting situation to monitor, no matter what he decides.