MLB Insider Has Major Update On QB Kyler Murray


The Athletics drafted Murray ninth overall last summer and gave him a $4.66 million bonus, but allowed him to play football at Oklahoma. The A's allowed him to return to the University of Oklahoma, where he put up historic numbers at quarterback and won the Heisman.

Murray is reportedly asking for $15 million to choose baseball or else he'll stick with football, which has more front-end money but pales in comparison to the longevity and potential pay down the line that baseball can offer.

If there was any doubt, there shouldn't be: Kyler Murray has the attention of Major League Baseball.

As Passan explains in follow-up tweet, league rules prevent a team from signing a drafted player to an MLB contract straight out of the draft.

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If Murray declares for the NFL draft in 2019 or 2020 and is a first-round pick he would be the first player to be a first-round pick in both the NFL and MLB drafts.

According to a report from, the league sent marketing executives to a meeting between the A's and Murray on Sunday.

Perhaps this news will actually hurt Murray's draft stock. He is due into A's camp, where he planned on joining the major league players, by February 15.

We should know more about Murray's final decision soon. I've said for a long time that I think Murray can hang in the NFL, and there's a lot of money to be made as a quarterback in the league. Murray would have four options, meaning he would need to join the A's full-time at latest by the 2022 season, though Oakland intends to aggressively promote Murray. At 5-foot-9, he would be the shortest quarterback in the National Football League since Doug Flutie, at 5-10. And the A's now have a choice to make.