Tory MP Predicts Political Crisis If Theresa May's Deal Is Voted Down


Although Corbyn recently described no-deal preparations as "Project Fear" and the leader's office is understood to believe that the Prime Minister would not countenance no deal, he argued today that a negotiated deal must be approved to avoid leaving the European Union without a deal.

The EU is preparing to delay Brexit until at least July after concluding that Theresa May is doomed to fail in getting her deal through parliament.

Ms Rudd said it was "right" for the government to make preparations for a no-deal Brexit, comparing it to wearing a seatbelt when driving a fast auto.

"The leaders are much more savvy than people think - they can see what is happening in the United Kingdom, and they were left unconvinced that it would be possible to get a trade deal done quickly because the British government remains opaque on what it wants".

He also said he would table a motion of no confidence in the government "soon" if Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal is rejected by parliament on Tuesday, as is widely expected.

If you feel like you ought to know more about Brexit.

People have to think long and hard about how they are going to vote.

"It couldn't be simpler and I have to say, I did think on that day, 'That's it".

"It will open the door to extremist populist political forces in this country of the kind we see in other countries in Europe", he added.

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Earlier on Friday UK foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said Brexit might not happen at all if May's deal was defeated.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay told the BBC's Andrew Marr show: "There are lots of different plans being put forward by members of parliament that don't respect the result or risk no deal".

The newspaper quoted Commons sources as claiming the Speaker John Bercow, who came under fire from Conservative MPs last week for allowing MPs to vote on a Brexit amendment by the backbencher Remainer and former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, is likely to allow the gambit to succeed.

'If EU intransigence persists, we must be willing to leave the EU at the end of March on World Trade Organisation terms.

While in the second they voted for the government to come back to the Commons with a plan B for Brexit within three days should it lose Tuesday's vote.

She told BBC News NI: "I have been clear that I believe no deal is bad for the United Kingdom, it's bad for the whole United Kingdom because it does put in jeopardy some of those constitutional arrangements".

One official said the refusal of European Union leaders at a December summit to give May a 2021 deadline for the end of talks on a future trade deal was grounded in a belief that she had yet to offer a compelling vision that could get through parliament.

More than 100 Conservative MPs have already declared their intention to vote against May's deal.

Mr Corbyn said that if he forced a national election and his party won, Brexit may have to be delayed while they negotiated a new deal with the EU.