White Sox reach 1-year agreement with outfielder Jon Jay


The Phillies and White Sox are both also interested in Harper while the Dodgers could be another possible landing spot, according to the report. The latter came up to Chicago for a visit to Guaranteed Rate Field to meet with the team's management in hopes of acquiring the talented infielder to accelerate the rebuild. He is a six-time All-Star and won the MVP award in 2015.

Don't be fooled by the Yankees, we have seen them operate like thieves in the night in the past (i.e. dealing for A-Rod after the Red Sox were unable to successfully restructure hist contract), perhaps they're just waiting to see what the market is for Manny Machado before striking an offer. This follows that expectation because Harper is meeting with the Phillies in Vegas Saturday so you'd figure no decision from him would be made until Sunday or Monday at the earliest. But the White Sox continue to add pieces to their team. The nine-year veteran provides not only provides the team a versatile player but also a good veteran presence in the locker room.

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The White Sox have signed Manny Machado's best friend from elementary school to run out all the ground balls that Manny doesn't feel like running out. But there have been rumors that the Yankees are only lukewarm on Machado, and may not even top TWO hundred million in an offer.

Alonso, however, is only under contract for two more seasons, and Jay was only a given one year deal, so I'm not sure that a guy like Machado would make a long term commitment to an organization exclusively on their willingness to obtain his associates short term. He finished the season with a combined ERA of 2.44 with 17 saves with 38 strikeouts compared to ten walks.