Unborn baby decapitated in botched-up delivery, nurse leaves head inside


Instead of informing him, the medical staff conducted the delivery, he claimed.

The minister said the mother, Diksha Kanwar, was recuperating at the Umaid Hospital.

If that incident, which happened on January 6, wasn't horrific enough, the nurse and a colleague deposited the lower part of the foetus in the hospital's mortuary and asked the family to take the woman to Jaisalmer.

He said he realised something was horribly wrong while attempting to take out the placenta.

The Rajasthan Police have filed a case against two employees of a government hospital in Jaisalmer's Ramgarh after a newborn's body split into two during delivery, the Hindustan Times reported on Thursday. The duo reportedly pulled the baby with such force that the head tore and got stuck inside the womb, police said.

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A case has been registered under Section 304 A (causing death by negligence) and Section 336 (endangering life of a person) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against Amritlal and Junjhar, police said.

She was then transferred to Ummed Hospital in nearby Jodhpur, where doctors thinking they were recovering the placenta, were shocked to discover the foetus' dismembered head.

The man in charge of the heath centre in Ramgargh, Dr Nikhil Sharma, said he wasn't present at the time of the incident.

In June previous year, a British gynaecologist was found guilty of medical misconduct, after she accidentally decapitated an unborn baby in the womb. Since the gynaecologist was on leave, the nursing staff handled the case. Two male nurses have also been suspended. The family came to know about it after they were informed by the doctors in Jodhpur, who surgically removed the baby's head.

'When questioned, the hospital staffers handed over the lower part of the foetus to us.