New York City launches $100 million universal health insurance program


Claudia Calhoon, senior director of immigrant integration policy for the New York Immigration Coalition, said the program will include primary, preventive and specialty care and behavioral health services through New York City Health and Hospitals, the nation's largest public health-care system.

It would also provide direct city spending, about $100 million per year when fully implemented, on those without insurance, including undocumented immigrants, who already can receive care at the emergency rooms of city-run hospitals.

"It's not as big a deal as the mayor is making it out to be", said Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute.

"We have the tools and opportunity to guarantee healthcare for all New Yorkers", NYC Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Dr. Herminia Palacio said in a statement.

"We'll put the money in to make it work; it's going to save us money down the line", he added. They need it right now.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will unveil legislation Wednesday mandating two weeks of paid time off for workers in the city, a move that would guarantee paid time off for an additional 500,000 people. It will seek to boost enrollment among those who qualify, but are uninsured.

The emergency room is the "default health care provider for so many people in this country", de Blasio said. The services won't be free for everyone: Fees will be assessed on a sliding scale, depending on income. The mayor is trying to do what some of his predecessors attempted-shift patients away from the emergency room and into primary care, or clinics.

"It's a very challenging time to roll out that welcome mat", Sandman said. A similar program, Medicaid, is for low-income citizens.

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The program marks the Democratic mayor's effort to address the progressive priority of providing universal healthcare coverage.

Correct. NYC already has a public option. "You won't end up in a hospital bed if you actually get the care you need when the disease starts". "We will use our market power and our moral power to demand fairer prices for prescription drugs".

High drug prices have been in the national spotlight lately, with the Trump administration and Congress both promising to lower costs.

Newsom's plan is to expand access to financial assistance to individuals earning up to $72,840 and families of four earning up to $150,600.

In this file photo taken on June 21, 2018, thousands of people participate in "Mind Over Madness Yoga", an annual all-day outdoor yoga event during the summer solstice in Times Square in NY.

How about the Mayor of New York City take care of the people that was born here, like the ones that are sleeping on our streets.

While we await the "details", I will suspend my disbelief other than to remark that (1) the price tag of $100 million seems a little light and (2) the "details" should anticipate the dynamic effects of the plan.