Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke incident sparks memories of two similar school racism sagas


The province's MEC for education, Sello Lehari, has since suspended the Grade R teacher and stated that the principal will learn of his fate on Monday, 14 January.

Another parent said she was "pi**** off" by the picture, saying white parents had been thanking the teacher for the image in the WhatsApp group but no-one had brought up the separation. Some black parents whose children have been refused admission to Laerskool Marble Hall say only black children have been placed on the waiting list.

School leaders have now launched a racism probe after the picture, taken by a class teacher, emerged.

"We hear complaints that black children are often threatened by white pupils not to touch them or else they tell their fathers who have guns to deal with them". It is outrageous that a classroom in 2019 can be racially segregated, which only serves to teach young children from day one to see each other as different and separate.

An image circulating on social media which shows black and white children seated at separate tables, apparently at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke.

"These private schools tendencies of segregating learners based on the colour of skin is against the principles of the democratic South Africa we live in today", said Sabelo Sigudu, the spokesperson for the NFP. "Learners from different backgrounds, including race, religion and language, are not merely accommodated but are fully integrated in all aspects of the school environment".

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The picture, which has since gone viral on social media received a lot of condemnation from people accusing the school authorities of racism.

The school, in response to this, stated that the image was taken out of context.

After meeting school staff and education department officials, Mr Lehare confirmed that the form teacher in question had been suspended.

'You can take your kids to the whitest schools in the country but so long as the black majority is poor, your kids will always be reminded that they are black and therefore inferior'.

BBC also reported that demonstrators claimed black beachgoers were unfairly targeted, but the firm denies closing the beach and says it only acts to protect residents from crime.

We expect to see more developments unfold at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke.