Longford people in flu risk group are urged to get vaccinated


Children less than two years old and adults older than 65.

To prevent more children from contracting the flu, a hospital in Wisconsin is temporarily restricting children under the age of 12 from visiting. However, health officials say the flu shot works better against that strain.

Cadieux noted that flu season peaked early this year in Alberta, but has yet to peak in Ottawa.

While H1N1-predominant seasons tend to be milder overall at the population level compared to those characterized primarily by H3N2, individuals who get hit with either strain won't detect much of a difference - both bring on fever, cough, general malaise and achy muscles and joints, she said from Vancouver.

Flu cases last week fell to 257 from 369 the previous week.

Officials did not release the child's age, gender and hometown.

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The timing of seasonal flu outbreaks vary and can begin as early as late October.

"So we're probably on track to coming up to more of our peak activity in the next couple of weeks or so". Thirteen children have died from the flu so far this season.

From Dec. 23 to 29, 2019, the province reported 64 new influenza cases, including one death and one ICU admission.

Dr. Walshak says it's not too late to get the flu shot. These tests are rapid, like the name suggests but depending on the actual strain of the virus going around they can have varying success in properly identifying the flu. "Get your flu shot and get protected".

"While most people will get better themselves from flu, anyone who is concerned about their condition should telephone their GP or an out of hours medical service so they can arrange to be treated in a way that does not put others at risk".

The doctor said only 35 per cent of children aged six months to 23 months have been immunized.