AMD's 7nm Radeon Vega VII takes aim at Nvidia's RTX 2080


Extreme gaming performance: The AMD Radeon VII graphics card delivers exceptional performance in DirectX 12- and Vulkan-based games, including up to 35 percent higher performance in Battlefield V, and up to 42 percent higher performance in Strange Brigade, compared to the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card.

- Radeon 7 will have up to 30% better performance over the RX Vega 64 in content creation workloads like Blender and up to 60% better for OpenCL. Just in case it's not clear AMD is using Roman numerals there, so it's pronounced Radeon Seven, and is coming February 2019.

AMD boasts that the card, which packs a gamer-friendly triple cooling system, offers 25 per cent more performance, at the same power, as previous Vega graphics.

Naturally, AMD Radeon VII will support FreeSync 2, Async Compute, Rapid Packed Math and Shader Intrinsics.

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Su also announced that Google has selected Radeon Pro GPUs to power Project Stream, its game streaming project. So what's inside the new Radeon VII? The recent launch of the RTX 2060 demonstrated that Nvidia's Turing architecture can hit Vega 64 where it hurts, with that $350 GPU delivering 95 percent of Vega 64 performance.

But the 7nm process also allows the GPU to be run faster too, and the Vega core at the heart of the Radeon VII is running at up to 1,800MHz.

During AMD's CES 2019 keynote today, the Radeon VII, a new high-end gaming GPU, was revealed to be arriving next month. With price parity against the RTX 2080, AMD is clearly angling to challenge that chip, but we won't know how effective that challenge will be until we have hardware in-house.

Built on the same Vega 20GL architecture and employing an identical 3,840 cores (60CUs) running at 1.8GHz alongside 16GB of HBM2 memory, AMD reckons it is, on average, 29 per cent faster than the Radeon Vega 64 across a wide number of games tested at a 4K resolution. I guess maybe that changed when AMD saw the pricing and performance of the Nvidia RTX range... So, still no news as to when that little beauty is going to make an appearance, but we're still betting on Computex, around the same time as the new AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs...