LG Unveils Rollable OLED TV That Disappears Into Its Stand


With the LG Signature OLED TV R, this could be changed.

Visitors to CES 2019 will also be treated to an arty OLED flower made up of four 65 inch UHD OLED displays that have had their edges curled inward, as a demonstration of the flexibility of OLED displays and the kind of thing LG Display can achieve without compromising picture quality.

Previous year we included LG's rollable TV concept in our most mind-blowing gadgets from CES 2018, and now the television of the future is back at the popular tech expo in Las Vegas, and is ready to be the companies flagship 4K OLED TV for 2019.

The TV of tomorrow is here: LG just launched the world's first rollable OLED TV, which will go on sale later this year. In addition, the retractable screen gives users three different viewing options: Full View, Line View and Zero View.

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The OLED R can be used in two other modes as well as in its full-screen position - a Line View where the TV only peeks above its base and can be used to show the time or weather information, or the Zero View, where the screen is completely hidden but the soundbar can still be used as a music device. With that said, even when the panel is out of sight, users can still listen to music and other audio content from the TV's 4.2-channel, 100W front-firing Dolby Atmos audio system.

The TV runs on LG's webOS which is integrated with Google Assistant. For convenient playback and mirroring, LG will be adding support for AirPlay 2 by Apple.

With Apple HomeKit support, customers will be able to control their LG TV using the Home app or by asking Siri. LG pitches this as ideal for action movies and sports, although it should also be ideal for gaming where the slightest bit of unintended blur can spoil the experience.