The 2019 iPhone XI imagined in renders, even though it's only January


Apple has bounced back from similar disappointments in the past, and the leaks suggest that the company is placing its bets on the triple rear camera design to make a comeback. Suffice it to say, if you thought the camera bump on existing iPhones was noticeable, well, you may be in for quite a surprise when Apple officially reveals its 2019 iPhone lineup later this year.

Apple leaks are rare, but new renders have appeared purporting to show the 2019 iPhone - or iPhone XI - as it's being called. Up there is a LED flash and a microphone on the bottom.

Mophie, the popular Apple-certified accessory maker, has just announced the new Juice Pack Access battery cases for the iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max at CES 2019.

Apple made a huge deal out of AR Kit and the iPhone's AR credentials when the iPhone X launched but it has gone a little quiet since then about the technology.

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A further tweet from @OnLeaks claims that the 2019 phones are still undergoing the Engineering Validation Test (EVT): there could be major changes by the time the phones officially launch in September. But it is something that was expected based on some reports from past year. Digit speculates that the third lens will be for a 3D time-of-flight camera, the sort of thing that could give you 3D scans of objects. Below the camera set up the Apple brand logo can be seen like any other previous iPhones.

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Digit believes the render shows one of the higher end devices. There's no doubt the iPhone XI will support wireless charging and have aluminium core - even if it is for the premium models.