Apple's CES OOH Message Makes Privacy Clear 01/08/2019


With a minimal, white-text-on-black design, the ad features text prominently reading "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone", alongside an outline of Apple's smartphone.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is expected to bring 200,000 people to Las Vegas this week.

The 13-story billboard, which covers nearly the entirety of the CES-adjacent hotel, reads: "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone". However, following a rough patch that's slashed more than $300 billion in market value in two months, Apple is using this week's CES conference to make a bold statement in a rather uniquely Apple fashion.

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Apple has trolled Google and Amazon with a new billboard that takes shots at both companies' privacy issues. Apple has rightly earned a reputation for protecting users and their data, not only from third-parties, but making it inaccessible to the company itself. Apple has made its commitment to consumer privacy quite public, separating itself from Google and Facebook that have been called into question for their privacy practices. That's especially true for Monday, Jan. 6: "Press day" is comprised of at least a dozen press conferences, starting at 8 a.m. PT sharp (11 a.m. ET, 4 p.m. UK) with LG.

Apple displayed a big message alongside a hotel at the start of CES that showed its commitment to privacy.