Amazon confirms Alexa device sales numbers, and it’s a lot


Amazon still has nearly three times the smart home support of GoogleReally, though, the big contributor to Google's billion Assistant devices is Android phones. Amazon has announced that it has sold over 100 million devices with its Alexa smart assistant built-in.

In an interview with The Verge, Limp also revealed that Amazon is sold out of Echo Dots through January even though it has been pushing them out "as quickly as we possibly could".

While not all the devices included in the 100 million figure are made by Amazon, it does emphasise the public's trust in the company's AI voice assistant, Alexa.

One of the disadvantages of this level of support from the user perspective is the functionality of the third-party support will be greatly reduced compared to Bixby, as Alexa or Google Assistant users will only be able to control basic TV elements, including volume, power, and input selection. Google Assistant is also shipping on millions of Google Home speakers every quarter. Anyone that buys an Echo or Google Home speaker is definitely using the service, but I'm sure there are tons of people with Android phones who don't have the Assistant set up.

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There are now more than 150 different products that come with Amazon's Alexa built in, this number of course includes devices from third party manufacturers.

So what will Google and Amazon's daisy-chained voice assistant be capable of?

It is still unsure if Samsung will be bringing Alexa or Google Assistant to support its older TVs but the company has a history of updating older models a few months after its latest sets hit the market, so it could be a possibility.

Alexa will focus on becoming more conversational and generally less awkward to use.