Google Chrome to get native dark mode for Windows 10


Google has stated that they will be adding support for Windows 10 Dark Mode in an upcoming version of the Chrome browser.

As MSPoweruser reports, the bugbear has been on Chrome's radar (thanks in no small part to Kasting himself) for some considerable time, but this is the first solid evidence that something is really being done about it. Chrome should respect this.

Despite the developers adding the new dark mode, Chrome could still get some serious competition down the road seeing as how Microsoft is replacing it's web rendering engine with Chromium later this year in the Edge brower.

The main issue with implementing the dark mode so far has been Chrome's 'Incognito mode.' Incognito traditionally has a dark appearance, so the Chrome team needs to find a way to differentiate browsing in dark mode from browsing in incognito.

Senior Chrome Engineer and a member of the Chromium team at Google Peter Kasting in a Reddit thread revealed the ongoing development around native dark mode support for desktops.

Dark modes for browsers and applications have proven popular of late, with macOS Mojave featuring a built-in dark mode which provides dark-themed interfaces in windows and apps.

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The dark theme is still unfinished, hence this menu with nearly illegible black text on a dark grey background.

For desktop, native dark mode support is in progress; in the meantime, we generally suggest people use a dark theme. You'll need to download Chrome Canary to make it work.

Right-click on the shortcut icon and select Properties.

An increasing number of apps and websites are gaining dark modes, often simply for the sake of aesthetics, but also because of power-saving considerations.

It's also worth noting that the theme is unfinished.

At this early stage, there is no settings panel option to change Chrome from a light to a dark skin.