Google rolls out spam protection to Android Messages


Thankfully Android has introduced several features to combat this, and Google seems to be rolling out it latest feature for preventing spam in its Messages app. Message contents are safe, but data about the messages themselves will be collected and sent to Google for this feature to work. It is accessible by tapping the overflow menu, and selecting Settings Advanced; there's a new option called "Spam protection".

The feature, which appears to be part of a limited server-side test, has appeared on some devices. However, those who do are getting a pop up at the bottom of the app offering the feature and allowing you to turn it off.

Previously, it was only possible to manually report and block spammers after you receive a message. Actual content, including your phone number, are not reported. When enabled, some information about the received message will be sent to Google. Presumably Google's famous machine-learning algorithms will be deployed to identify messages that could be suspect.

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If you submit a spam report, we include the spammer's last 10 messages, but not your responses (if any).

Just a few months ago, Google rolled out Call Screen feature to all old Pixel phone to curb irritating telemarketing calls and now the search engine giant is reportedly releasing a major update for message app to block SMS spam.

If you're seriously concerned about the privacy implications of having Google access that information, you might want to skip out on this feature (or use a different messaging app to begin with).