Instagram's Latest Update Has Left Users Traumatised


Instagram rolled out an update Thursday morning - accidentally, apparently - that had Chicago users demanding via Twitter that the Facebook-owned company change it back.

This meant it was no longer possible to quickly scroll through new posts, as each individual post must be swiped or tapped to move to the next. Users who had gotten the update quickly took to Twitter to express their displeasure about the change.

"This was supposed to be a very small test but we went broader than we anticipated", he tweeted.

But everyone can relax.

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Instagram feed went sideways for some of its users briefly late in the night yesterday.

And like most updates by Instagram, even this update was met with strong disapproval and sharp criticism.

The side-to-side feed scrolling feature reportedly was a mimic of the Instagram Stories. If a post has multiple photos in it, the user can swipe through the photos and if they tap on the post, they'll see the next one in the feed. Nevertheless, with this user backlash, Instagram might likely hold off rolling out this update to everyone on a permanent basis for a while and work out its kinks. "Should already be rolled back". Only those who updated their Instagram app had experienced the horizontal feed, although there seemed to be a lot of users who had done so if their rants on social media are to be looked at. But according to Instagram's head, today's test was sent to "a few orders of magnitude more people than intended". Users then need to find the version of the app they do want on their device, they can likely find it on APK Mirror and install it from there. Stop this chaos and bring back the chronological news feed. "We apologise for any confusion". You can get your old feed if you close and restart the app. Comments like "test failed", "never do it again", "absolutely terrible", and "everyone hates it" were some of the politer posts made.