Huawei arrest tests China’s leaders as fear and anger grip elite


Before her dramatic arrest in Canada, few in the us had heard of Meng Wanzhou.

Speaking at a news conference in Milan, Lavrov said the detention showed how Washington imposes its laws beyond its jurisdiction.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday sounded an optimistic note about trade negotiations with China as two of his top economic advisers downplayed friction from the arrest of a senior executive of Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei Technologies.

Meng had personally denied to bankers any direct connections between Huawei and the subsidiary, SkyCom, when in fact "SkyCom is Huawei", Gibb-Carsley said, putting the bank in jeopardy of violating sanctions.

Asia-based risk consultants said they had seen a rise in the number of clients asking about the Huawei issue and potential concerns related to the impact on U.S. firms in China.

The movement now appears to be reaching some sort of crescendo, with four of the Five Eyes banning Huawei, and Canada reportedly under pressure to add its name to the list. "The United States is encouraging western allies to essentially push Huawei out of the emerging 5G network, and my personal view is that is something western countries should be doing in terms of our own long-term security issues". Martin, her lawyer, said she would never breach a court order on bail because that would embarrass her father and China. -China trade relations caused stocks to sell off on Friday, with technology shares leading the decline.

She is specifically accused of lying to United States banks about the use of a covert subsidiary to sell to Iran in breach of sanctions.

In urging the court to reject Meng's bail request, Gibb-Carsley said the Huawei executive had vast resources and a strong incentive to bolt: She's facing fraud charges in the United States that could put her in prison for 30 years.

Huawei Finance Chief Meng Wanzhou has been arrested in Canada at the request of the United States.

Chinese Tech Exec Faces 30 Years in Prison in U.S., Canadian Prosecutor Says
Arrested Huawei CFO potentially faces decades in jail

China on Thursday demanded Canada release a Huawei Technologies executive who was arrested in a case that adds to technology tensions with Washington and threatens to complicate trade talks. -China trade talks and the Huawei arrest "are two separate events", calling the timing of Meng's arrest a coincidence.

That doesn't mean that China is likely to forget about Meng Wanzhou's December 1 arrest when they next come face-to-face with Canadian officials, he added.

BCE and Telus have declined to reveal whether US national security officials have asked them to avoid Huawei equipment.

A spokesman for Huawei had no immediate comment on the case against Meng yesterday.

Huawei, he explained, is one company the USA has been particularly concerned about.

"The threat from these companies lies in their access to critical internet backbone infrastructure", she said. The Trump administration says they benefit from improper subsidies and market barriers. The company has said it complies with all applicable export control and sanctions laws and other regulations.

Trump's national security advisor John Bolton on Thursday told National Public Radio that he knew of the arrest.

BCE, Telus and, to a lesser extent, Rogers Communications, all use Huawei equipment in their cellular networks, and as the Shenzhen-based company has made inroads in the Canadian market in recent years, have come to rely on its competitively priced gear to help reduce costs in a field that requires regular capital investment. The White House also denied any involvement in Meng's arrest.

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